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Mock Trapunto Quilt Blocks 4x4 and 8x8

Mock Trapunto Quilt Blocks 4x4 and 8x8

These Mock Trapunto quilt blocks will make a beautiful quilt for your bed and a matching runner for your table. You can also make a bag to compliment your outfit. The 4x4 designs have to be stitched together to form a block of 200mmx 200mm (8x8).Only blocks 1 to 8 are available in the 4x4 but the 8x8 has 12 blocks in the set. You can stitch these blocks in the same colour as your fabric or contrast colours. These blocks are designed with no jumpstitches and are quick stitching so you can whip up a quilt in no time with gorgeous raised effects.No HUS Files are available for the 8x8 due to hoop limitations

Design Type: 
Download Format: 
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Stitch Count: 
3609-4616(4x4) and 14303- 20018 (8x8)
List price:$32.00
You save:$9.60

Quilt Blocks

Runner 1

Quilt Blocks

Block 1

Stitch Count: 
16 284

Block 2

Stitch Count: 
18 663

Block 3

Stitch Count: 
16 496

Block 4

Stitch Count: 
14 303

Block 5

Stitch Count: 
16 240

Block 6

Stitch Count: 
15 926

Block 7

Stitch Count: 
16 958

Block 8

Stitch Count: 
16 721

Block 9

Stitch Count: 
14 297

Block 10

Stitch Count: 
14 493

Block 11

Stitch Count: 
20 018

Block 12

Stitch Count: 
15 600

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