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Betty Morgan
Thank you for your kind and prompt reply.. I did as the email requested and I am now one of your happy customers. I do all of our churches linens, cleaning up the church and love to embroider the pretty cloths...A happy camper in N.C. Betty Morgan

Isabel Clark
Good Morning, I just wanted to say that I bought a set of appl designs from you last week and started stitching them out yesterday. They are really the most beautiful designs I have {and I have MANY !!}They are easy and such fun. I appreciate your work. Kindest regards, Isabel.


"I have just finished stitching out all of Collection 4 of Sherrie Baldy's Besties. I just had to tell you how fantastic they are! Everyone stitched out fine and they are so well done.Thanks for great quality."
Linda Rodney
"Thank you! Would like to say thank you for making machine embroidery fun again .I have purchased 3 of the Sherri Baldy Bestie packs so far and have fell in love with them. I must say it is a leap of faith when you start to stitch out the design and wonder how the colours will work but when you finish the design comes to life and I can't wait to start on another. Hope that someone can bring out quilting fabric by the metre to complement these designs,I can't wait to turn them into lovely quilts.not enough time in the day. Again thankyou and I love forward to many more sets."
"Thank you so much and here is my first stitch out you might like to take a look at my website as I have been doing some background quilting designs and I think this always adds to the designs – thanks"
Luv B
"I cannot wait for the next set - please let me know when they are put up on your web page. Your work is fabulous and the stitch quality is fantastic. Luv B PS Thanks for getting me out of a rut!"
Dawn van Staden
"Hi, Just to let you know that your besties collections are awesome.  They are stunning and most enjoyable to look at! Can’t stop looking at them! I just have to have them all! Kind Regards"
"Hi Annie, And you are doing a damn good job.  They are beautifully digitized and the colours blend in so lovely.   I wish I had somebody to teach me to digitize, even if just the basics.
Keep on doing what you are doing.  I have made a notice and going out lunch time to the robot : “I have food and work, need money for designs from Quite-a-Stitch”. Have a lovely day."
"Thanks for getting back to me in such a short time, I wasn't trying to find fault as your designs are the best that i've bought over the years.1 of them took about 1hr.& 95 min, but turned out beautiful. I'm in my 70's ,just got out of hospital as I had a bad concussion, fell & hit my head on top of bathtub, thanks again for short response."
Luv B
"Hi There, I know I am pushing my luck - but I have so enjoyed stitching out your two collections of Sherri's girls (I have not felt inspired to even switch on my machines for a couple of weeks - until I saw your designs) now I wish to know whether I can look forward to some more - I do realise that they must take quite some time to digitise, but they are well worth waiting for. Please advise when there is the possibility of another set available. Thanks again for inspiring me."
"Hi There, I have stitched all 10 of the first set out and they are really fabulous - I am hoping to make a quilt for a single bed and cannot wait to start stitching the second set. Thanks"
Carol A
"Oh my lands, they are prettier than the first, I cannot wait for the third  set to come out. Thank you, thank you thank you again. The reason I wasn't able to get the second set because I wasn't getting any of your mail. It was going into a file called SPAM and my son recovered it for me. Thank you so much, I am going to make my mother a wall hanging  plus matching pillows with her favourite SHERRI girls. I will keep checking for your new set to come out. Have a safe and blessed week.   :)"
"They are so beautiful, made cushions and girly bags, What about designs for boys???? Pleeeeeaaase!!"
Sandra Smith
"Just wanted to let you know I love the girls they are all beautiful. I also love the big headed animals when money gets better these are what I want. Thank you for the wonderful designs. keep up the good work and when my finances get better I will try to order."
Sue Bridge
"Hi just like to know how long before the new girls with the big eyes are coming in just love them, thanks"
Elisabeth (Australia)
"Thank you Annie, I stitched out Candy Cancer one and it stitched out Beautiful I am so happy with it. I also bought  Pickles & Petra which I will stitch out to-day. Warm Regards"
"Thank you so much. I cannot believe how many of your design packs I have. I am happy that you have your own website. Will be returning and love the pack that I just bought."
Moreen Hattingh
"Dear Annie, Thank you so much but I did get my little girls and then bought 2 more yesterday. They are gorgeous. Regards and Hugs"